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Step 'N' Store

Made from lightweight aluminium and requiring no assembly, Step'n'Store is easy to lift in and out of your caravan or camper van with ‘grip’ rubber feet to avoid movement while in transit.

It can hold up to 180kg when placed on a level surface and the rubber feet make it safe to store on the floor of your caravan when travelling.

The design has been thoroughly investigated and the product carefully crafted to eliminate common storage problems encountered during caravanning and camping escapades, whilst also providing a generous, safe step.

Inside the bin and shoes are ‘awkward’ and ‘smelly’. Brooms, mops and even umbrellas need a home also.


Step ‘n’ Store has a neat and convenient receptacle that holds the bin off the ground and secured when being transported.

The shoes have a waterproof shelf providing a rain protected home, which when sprayed with surface spray, prevents ants and other ‘critters’ from invading them and the bin.

Three handy storage holes keep brooms, umbrellas etc upright and handy.

For those who like to ‘tent’ holiday, the Step ‘n’ Store provides all the above storage facilities as well as the step acting as a raised platform for the ‘esky’. It becomes easier to access and drain!

Problems solved – organised camping here we come!

But wait – there’s more!! Step ‘n’ Store can also function as a useful platform in and around the home, with the receptacle able to hold a bucket, paint tin, tools and more.


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