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After 40 years of camping and caravanning one person's good idea has become a great step. Two couples are now on this adventure together to improve step and storage problems. 

 With both couples having many years camping and caravanning experience (over 200 years total), we have used a myriad of camping and camping equipment over the years but good, solid, easy to use, practical steps for our caravan were just not on the market.

That’s when Debbie came up with the idea of step'n'store, the first step plus so much more. After many attempts of getting it just right and with the sheer determination of her husband Peter, they finally came up with a solution.

Debbie and Peter sought further collaboration and ideas from their friends, of some 38 years, Louise and Peter and after many phone calls, get togethers and hours spent tinkering, the final product was developed.

The Problem.

Having a bin in the caravan is a must but space is limited even in the biggest of caravans. Don't forget the smell! Leaving the bin outside is also another dilemma -the wind could blow it over, ants invade it and animals knock it over.

Shoes are another problem - they're smelly , a nuisance usually sitting in the doorway and leaving them outside there is a chance of creepy crawlies getting into them and getting wet is highly probable.

Brooms, umbrellas etc inside again, space is limited and no room outside - they fall over and are not usually accessible.

Enter the Step 'n' Store!

A neat receptacle holds bin off the ground securely and will not fall over.

Waterproof shelf for shoes and when the step is sprayed with surface spray it stops ants and critters from invading.

Handy storage holes for brooms umbrellas etc. everything neat and tidy, compact and accessible. The step is wide enough for good weight distribution and is very safe when positioned on a level surface.

When camping with a tent the step platform holds an Esky off the the ground which allows for easy access and drainage.

Problems Solved! Organised camping here we come!!!

Also makes a handy platform around home with storage receptacle safely used for holding buckets, paint tins or tool boxes for those handyman jobs.

Invented and designed in Australia. The Step'n'Store is an ideal step for many uses.

It's strong, capable of holding 180kg, it's practicable, its sturdy, no moving parts and easily stored when not in use. Just put entire step, with bin, broom, shoes, back in the caravan on the floor for easy travelling.

A step plus so much more - Step 'n' Store.

The Step 'n' Store is a lightweight aluminium step with no assembly required. It will solve a lot of storage problems while caravanning and camping.