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Q. Does it fold? No, anything that folds becomes loose and wobbly over time.
Q. Where can I store it?  We know how important space is, remember a step is the first item taken out and the last you put simply sits inside your door while travelling,while storing your bins and brooms 
Q. How heavy is it? Only 5.5kg , made from high quality,lightweight alloy,Step n Store is built to last a LIFETIME.
Q. Is it slippery? The 30 cm wide tread is made from a unique,slip resistant surface.
Q.  Is it easy to clean? Yes,the fine line surface allows for easy brushing.
Q.  What sort of bin do I buy? Bins or buckets are fine.(Dog lovers store their dry dog food in buckets with lids or toys,leads etc in bins). The opening is 25cmx25cm....just go to Bunnings with your tape measure to check out sizes.
Bins range between $10 - $20.
Q. What about possums and critters getting to the bin? Easy, just use velcrose.